Publishing Pub/Club Entertainment Events

If you are the person responsible for advertising your pub's or your club's entertainment events, you will almost certainly be aware of the following issues:



Finding the spare time to advertise events can be difficult (especially in the pub/club trade). You are probably creating posters, publishing to social media and perhaps even updating your website. You are typically having to use and switch between several different software applications. You probably also find yourself having to repeat similar actions in each software application (i.e. inserting / copying the same text / image). All of this can become very tedious and time consuming.

Because of the above, most pub / club websites normally only contain static information (i.e. company address, phone number and other general information). Dynamic information (i.e. upcoming events) is normally published to social media rather than a website because it is a much quicker and easier process. Also very few people possess the skills required to update a website anyway.



Where pubs / clubs do have dynamic information on their website, it often becomes quickly out-of-date due to the time constraints mentioned above. Website visitors are unlikely to return if the dynamic information contained within the website is constantly out-of-date.


If you have a website for your pub or club but do not possess the skills required to update it, your Webmaster will likely be charging you to perform the website changes that you require. Even if you are capable of updating your own website, it still takes time and 'time is money'. Therefore, website update cost is another reason why most websites do not normally contain dynamic information.



The ale-Apps 1Point software was designed specifically for pubs and clubs. It allows users to quickly and easily create and update entertainment media for a website, for social media and for posters.
The following are some of its key features:

Creating an entertainment event in 1Point is quick and simple and you do not need to possess any web designing, web building, or web publishing experience.

You assign your created entertainments to dates by simply selecting an entertainment from the drop down list and selecting the date in the calendar. If your pub or club has regular weekly events (i.e. 'Sunday Quiz Night'), you only need to assign the event to one Sunday date and click the repeat button to assign it to the following Sunday for as many weeks as you like.

Click the 'Publish' button and all of your events will be published to your website.

Click the 'Poster/Social Media' button and you can print a poster of an event or publish the event to your social media.

All of the above is achieved without having to switch to any other applications.

Even when the 1Point app is not being used, the background task automatically erases entertainment events from your website for dates that have already expired.

The background task also provides you with a traffic lights web content indicator on your desktop on a daily basis to remind you when you may need to assign some new calendar events.

1Point works on any version of Windows from XP upwards. It can be installed on more than one PC as all data on all installations is automatically synchronised over the web.

Due to the features described above, your pub / club can now enjoy the benefits of having a dynamic website that is easy to keep up-to-date and you can quickly create posters and publish to your social media. All of this in just one application - 1Point.